Our Story

Serving Regina since 2003, Selam is a story of inspiration, diversity and overcoming adversity time and time again.

Alex Tegegne first opened the doors to Selam Restaurant in July, 2003. In many cultures, the word "Selam" means peaceful, complete.  and The year was 1997, the scene was a volatile Ethiopia.
Alex Tegegne left Ethiopia while it was on the brink of war, and found the home he was looking for in Regina. Having left behind friends and family, he found comfort in the wholesome and nutritious food made from the recipes handed down from generations. He wanted to share his culture and food with the land he called home but lacked the funds to do so. He worked 3 jobs fulltime for the next six years to make his dream come true, not taking a single day off.

In 2003 he took the plunge and invested everything he had to open Selam, building everything in the restaurant himself. The fire now burns brighter than ever, and Selam is warming hearts and fulfilling appetites every step of the way. 


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THURS - FRI: 11 AM - 2 PM

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